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Proudly providing medical supplies and personal protection equipment to North American’‎‎s since 2015

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Life Medicentre is a Canadian based supplier of medical, orthopaedic supplies, and Personal Protection Equipment since 2015. We strive to provide only the top quality medical supplies for our customers and our products are CE/FDA approved. We constantly add new product offerings to our website to give our customers access to the latest in technology, and work tirelessly developing our own brands of exclusive products such as the Cleanzet line of sanitizing products.

Since 2015 we have served thousands of satisfied customers across Canada. With sales representatives covering eastern and western Canada, we efficiently provide purchasers with the answers they need and the quality service they deserve.

Our Health Canada approved hand sanitizers offer a full spectrum of protection against germs and harmful bacteria. Alcohol-based sanitizers are more effective than their non-alcohol counterparts. Cleanzet hand sanitizing gel contains 75% alcohol, making it more efficient in killing virus causing germs compared to sanitizers with a lower alcohol content. While effective in diminishing bacteria, Cleanzet sanitizers offer a moisturising component leaving your skin soft and disinfected. Kills 99.9% of all microbes (bacteria & viruses) on contact.

We offer Cleanzet products for Canada-wide shipping at competitive wholesale pricing. With the alcohol content of 75% the sanitizer works immediately and effectively to help kill bacteria and most viruses. It is approved by Health Canada with a valid NPN

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